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About Nucleus:

University Research Committee (URC) held on October 4, 2018 recommended creating a core group involving faculty members, research scholars and senior students who will establish the necessary conditions for cultivating a vibrant and flourishing quality research environment at KRMU. NUCLEUS, the university research group, was formed to work together toward this goal.

NUCLEUS, comprising of faculty and research scholars of KRMU, provides a platform for sharing interdisciplinary research ideas for solving real-world problems. It is a platform for knowledge sharing, discussing ideas for inter-disciplinary research projects, collaborating with funding agencies and appling for research grants and many such activities.

Our Vision

NUCLEUS is a research group at KR Mangalam University which envisions to create a congenial environment for research and development pertaining to both academia and industry. It endeavors to create facilities and build capacity for maximum research output among the student and faculty members.

Our Mission

In order to achieve its vision, the group intends to focus on the following mission objectives

  • To create opportunities for research by means of capacity building.

  • To address the concerns of the stakeholders and create shared responsibility for productive outputs.

  • To create institutional research ethics board and ensure the compliance of research ethics.

  • To address the roadblocks and provide support system for interdisciplinary research.